Meeting & Events

Ydalir Hotel is the perfect meeting location with accommodation for companies & organizations who can appreciate the following:

  • Contribution to the future of education
  • Awareness of quality throughout all aspects of service
  • A professional and exclusive offer regarding our extensive venues 
  • Lively and private atmosphere

Our conference venue consists of a large 100 m2 meeting room. If needed, our meeting room can be divided into two equally sized rooms. Our meeting rooms offer a characteristically private atmosphere, with our partners more than happy to tailor any budget and food packages you may request. We offer the following technical equipment for any conferences: projector, canvas, wireless and cable internet, ClickShare, microphones, connecting plug-in solutions, natural lighting and flip-over hubs.

We hope to meet any of your accommodation needs for future events and arrangements, whether that be: day meetings, conferences, courses, kick-off's, banquets, parties, confirmations, weddings, birthdays, etc. 

Please contact our receptionist, Martinus Helland at or by phone at 40 88 59 81 for more details!

Below is an estimate number of participants we can accommodate for our different meeting room layouts:

  • 85 seated
  • 56 in groups
  • 32 for a boardroom
  • 100 standing
  • 35 for a classroom
  • 30 in horse shoe seating